Your phone is powerful
Control your business with it

Record, validate, and visualize your business processes.
Avoid errors with QR codes.
Stay on top with simple dashbords.

Everything at your fingertips

You can use a desktop computer, but everything is still accessible on your phone. Find everything in a few seconds, on the move, in meetings, etc.

Explore use cases

From asset tracking to parcel tracking, our platform can help you keep tabs on a wide range of business processes.


Tag your assets, register them, and record moves. Lookup with simple scans.

Official mails

Identify envelopes and record assignments. Save GPS and signature on delivery.


Standardize collection procedures. Let clients tracks steps for all their parcels.


Record every product in your warehouse and their use. Get alerts on low levels.

Field data collection

Record data on the move, even with no internet access. Automatically sync later.

Maintenance tracking

Keep a log of every intervention on your equipments. Find patterns and act.

Trusted by companies with the most demanding processes

Our award-winning platform helps our clients, from Ecobank to the togolese Post Office, solve hard coordination and reporting issues everyday.